When I first moved to Los Angeles I was running away from a life I didn't want to be my reality anymore. It took me from the East to the West coast in a rapid change in lifestyle and perspective. I knew when I arrived, it was time for a shift. No more running away, I needed to look to the future. Shifting our attention to where we want to go can be grounded in practical choices made from necessity. The more adventurous of us also call it DREAMING. 

Fast forward to several years later and I have not only achieved several of my DREAMS but I've set new goals and can feel them present in my consciousness. My beliefs are grounded in my ability to DREAM and receive. It's been a beautiful self-taught lesson I wouldn't change for anything.

I remember setting a milestone for myself that once I reached my DREAMS I would pass this key on to a special woman who I know has given up on herself. Over the years I've seen her settle more and more until she's lost the sparkle that used to set her apart. I am leaving this for her as an anonymous gift in the hopes that she is uplifted and inspired to live her truth again. She deserves the same success and happiness I now feel and hope to continue to spread into the world.


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