I Could Not Master This Mission in My Life Without Her

My friend who was initially a co-worker and I have sincerely connected and learned we pretty much lead parallel lives. It is not only a wondrous thing to find a kindred spirit, but to then go on together and share yourselves with others who may need a bit more of you than you can sometimes give but still give anyway.

See, we met and have grown together through instructing a small group training class at Two Rivers YMCA in Moline, IL. We are partners in crime, masters of sarcasm which breaks the ice in this group we lead. The participants of this group have cancer. We work closely with them throughout their treatments, emotional, physical, and social struggles in an inspiring program called "LiveStrong of the YMCA."

I could not master this mission in my life without her and we have both found that our partnership and strong shoulders have proven to be the perfect medicine outside of our LiveStrong group. I am truly GRATEFUL that we connected and that she was GRATEFUL for me as well.