Constant Reminder Of God's Strength

I bought myself the STRENGTH necklace shortly after losing three family members in three months. When I bought it and read about the way it could be given to others that needed STRENGTH, or whichever word you chose, I immediately said, "I'm keeping mine, not giving it to anybody!" Well, the Lord changed my heart on that remark.

I have a long time co-worker and friend that I have worked with for many years. She has always listened to my problems, prayed for me and actually acted as a source of STRENGTH for me at times she knows nothing about.

In January of this year, she took a fall and had one of the most terrible breaks of her foot/ankle that her doctor had ever seen. After two surgeries and spending many weeks in a nursing/rehab facility, she finally got to go home. During this time, she and her ex-husband reconciled after many years apart and remarried. Very shortly thereafter, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. After all the tests, doctor visits, and much prayer, he is currently being treated. Just this past weekend, my friend started having pain in her foot, and long story short, a plate has broke loose and her foot broke again! She has faith and trust in God as much as anybody I've ever known, and she sure doesn't need a key to give her the STRENGTH she and her husband needs, but I want her to have that necklace so she will have that constant reminder of God's STRENGTH!

And, if that is not enough, her favorite verse is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It's merely a symbol, but my selfishness slapped me in the face and I am proud to give it to her, and maybe someday she can give it to someone else who needs God's STRENGTH. God bless her and her husband.


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