Courage To Get Through The Unimaginable

I have received three Giving Keys within the last year from three dear friends. My then four-year-old son was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer in the summer of 2015. The odds were stacked heavily against us. In the midst of this war we have been fighting - friends, family and strangers have carried us, cried with us, and helped us in ways we can only hope to repay. I was given the keys Hope, Strength and Courage. I have worn these necklaces as a reminder that there is always HOPE no matter what statistics say, I am strong because my son shows me the meaning of STRENGTH, and God has given me the COURAGE to get through the unimaginable.

I passed along my Courage key to my Fiance's step-mother. She lost her son in a tragic way over the summer and was completely heartbroken. While there are no adequate words in a time like that, I felt that she might also find courage from the key as I have.