Defined By Strength

In September of 2015, I had a Escemic Stroke. At thirty-five years old this was the last things I expected. I spent the next several months recovering from the side effects of my stroke. Then in March of 2016, I had another stroke. After spending so many months recovering from the first stroke, I was now looking at more recovery. I felt broken and weak. In that same month, one of my best friends and colleagues was terminated at the job we shared. To say the least, I was broken. My husband and children feared I would succumb to the depression I was experiencing. I fought so hard to just maintain a normal everyday life for myself and my family. I finished my physical therapy in August of 2016 and my brain therapy in July of 2016. I have worked so hard to pull myself back up. I struggle every day to remind myself of the strength I need to keep going. I deal with debilitating anxiety because they have never told me why I had my strokes and I do not know whether I will have any more. I worry daily. I ordered my own necklace because I need a constant reminder of why I'm still here and why I still live my life for my kids. My strength is the reason I'm still here. My strength pulls me out of my anxiety and depression daily. The story behind these necklaces is a wonderful way to celebrate the words that we want to define ourselves... not the words that may be our reality, like hurt or confusion.