Each Breath Is A Gift

I gifted a key, "Breathe," to my very good friend Claire. She recently injured her leg quite seriously: multiple fractures and multiple tears to various ligaments. Her recovery will take a considerable amount of time.

I really wanted to give this key to her as a reminder to take things, not one day at a time, but one breath at a time.

The word on this key is also very special to the two of us as, during the last year, we have received a grant to bring mindful awareness and the importance of the breath to young children within schools and the community where we live.

Finally, I also wanted to gift this key to Claire because we both are very busy people and struggle with balance in our lives. We seem to be constantly trying to catch our breath, rather than recognizing that each breath we take is a gift.

You've got this, my friend, one breath at a time.