Embark On A Journey

So I am not sure how to start my story, really it all began one day after a Christmas work party. That was the day my girlfriend and I fell in love with one another. After that day, she got scared and broke things off, because she has never been with a woman before. Then on Christmas Eve, I couldnt stop my self from texting her and asked her "What does one do on Christmas Eve?" And she replied with "think about you". Ever since then we have just been madly in love with each other, it takes more effort to be away from each other than be together. I'm crazy about her. 

Sadly, society makes us think and feel things from a young age, such as man and a woman are meant to be together.

Ever since my girlfriend has told her mother about our relationship, thinking her mother was going to be accepting of us, she has had an internal sturggle ever since. Her mom does not accept our relationship, and since then, their relationship has changed substantially. My girlfriend is now stuck inside of an internal struggle between feeling acceptance for her self, feeling acceptance through others and feeling acceptance from her own mother. 

So, feeling lost and stuck in her own termoil, finding herself, becoming a stranger to her mother and ultimately feeling like she has become a stranger herself, she decided it be best to break things off.

I decided to give her my key of strength. I believe, even though the termoil and damage is done, one day she will have to face the fact that her mother has not accepted her with or without me in her life. Even though it troubles her, she will have to face this and will need strength to do that one day. I told her she needed to find strength within her self so she can learn to love herself for who she is. That I was giving her the key because I believe she needs to find strength, or embark on a journey to find the strength to accept herself so she can be happy again.

I am happy it was her that I could give it to.