Epitome of Grace

I was given the INSPIRE key by my wonderful sister, Chris Owen, last year for my 55th birthday.

I am giving the key to Mardi Downs Schaufler, in memory of her mother, Ruth Spence Wingate Downs.

Mardi and husband Gene harbored our sweet daughter Laura (24) for three months, enabling her to save money for a trip to Europe...which they inspired. Laura has been in Europe now for 80 days and she is having the time of her life!
Laura and I were able to meet Mardi's mother, Ruth - the epitome of a gracious southern lady. She was married for 62 years and inspired 4 children, 11 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren...and my daughter & myself.
I pray that Mardi would be strengthened in the knowledge that she - and her mother - were inspiring.