Every Possible Emotion At Once

My life coach showed up in my office one day as I was in the middle of taking on the project of relocating my father, who is handicap, to a new home. From beginning to end, this project took a total of 10 months.

While I've been through a lot in life I can honestly say this project has been one of the most difficult I have ever encountered as it involved every possible emotion all at once. It was completely mentally, and sometimes physically, draining.

My coach Sam also knows how one of my personal interests is doing work with various homeless and transitional organizations. That combined with knowing I could use a little reminder as I was in the thick of it, she presented me with the key of "Strength."

My father is now moved and I settled on the sale of his old home today, so I'm ready to pass on this key to someone else who can use that little reminder.