Fearless Is What I Am

I love my matte black "FEARLESS" Giving Key! The last one I had was at JC 2015 and I gave it away the same weekend I got it.

After the conference, our group went to church at Jesus Culture in Folsom. I met a young boy there that was the age that my oldest son that went to be with the Lord, would be. He told me his story, and he came to church looking for hope. I had been on a journey seeking hope, since the death of my son in 2009. My key said, HOPE. I knew I was meant to give him my key.

I shared just a bit of my story with him and shared about God's faithfulness to bring HOPE to us in ways and measures that we need, always. I gave him my key and we cried together, but for me, they were tears of such release and joy.

I have waited, strategically for the next key that I was meant to wear. It is this, FEARLESS, because now, that is what I am. I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, it gripped me and nearly sucked me under, but God never let go. 

Can't wait to see what amazing story will be born through this key.