You Are Not Alone

My sister gave me my FAITH key around Christmas 2017. It reminded me, as we all sometimes need to be reminded, that we are loved by God so much and are never alone. During difficult times our FAITH grows us closer in our relationship with God. I have had my relationship with God for 21 years, and my sister had only recently accepted Christ and was water baptized. Praying for my unsaved family is a priority over the years. So for her to purchase this key for me meant the world to me. I wore it every day knowing that I was not alone and that I had a piece of her with me.

Then came a time, just a few months later, an amazing father I know was facing a difficult situation with his young daughter. My prayer warriors and I prayed for the situation. God strengthened my FAITH through the answered prayers and he spoke the words: “It’s time to pay it forward and give your key to this daddy." I thought, “Yes,” and the Lord said, “He will need this symbol to remind him and know what you have grown deeper to know." So I cried, his mom cried, and he was touched when I removed it from my neck and placed it in his hands. He was grateful for the help my husband and I had provided, and he accepted the key knowing what it meant to me. A little while later we shared a hug and thankfulness. He told me he would pass it along to his beautiful daughter one day; I filled up with more tears. What a beautiful gift to receive and to pass on. I loved receiving it and I loved giving it too. Both situations are forever branded on my heart.


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