Courage to Travel and Not Settle

I have to start off by saying that I purchased this key for myself. You see, I spent 7 years and practically all of my twenties in a relationship that was unhealthy. I stayed because it was habit, it was comfortable, and I figured that was as good as it gets. Once that relationship finally crumbled I found myself lost with no real idea of who I was or, better yet, who I wanted to be. I had relied on that person for so long that I had quite literally lost my own identity.

Knowing that I had always wanted to visit Ireland, my mom (who happens to be a travel agent) booked a trip for me. There I was about to turn thirty, traveling solo for the first time overseas. From that moment on I've never looked back. That trip taught me how to succeed alone, how to find myself, and enjoy my own company. Since then I've also traveled solo to Iceland and Scotland.

I now have a new motto in life and I wear my COURAGE key necklace to act as a constant reminder. I hope that I always have the COURAGE to live a life that makes me happy and that I not settle for a life that makes me comfortable. I look forward to the day when I can pass this necklace on to someone else, and inspire them to always have COURAGE.