Fearless For The Future

I have a ministry, and it has been my passion and heart's cry from the time I accepted Jesus into my heart at age four to go to the darkest places of the world and eradicate slavery. So even though I live in Redding, my heart is in the Middle East. I want to see every individual encountered by the most extravagant Heavenly Father and for them to know who they are and whose they are. This was my second trip to Nepal with my team from Pakistan. I wanted to go into the slums of the poorest and worst conditions that after the earthquake mostly consisted of children because their parents either left them or died. I know that the slums are heavily populated by traffickers.

 I came across this beautiful young girl that wasn't smiling when I saw her; her eyes were hopeless and filled with pain and fear. She may have not had outside physical scars, but I knew her story and her pain. As I began to tell her how priceless she was, her maker and worth, and about Jesus who died for her, her eyes began to change and light filled them. I had been giving out necklaces to all the girls that said priceless but found out one broke. So I took this necklace and knew it was meant for her. She looked like she was fighting tears from flowing down her face and hugged me so tight, it was as if she embraced the word Fearless. To her, who was wearing clothes with holes, shoes falling apart and never having something nice – it was the most special gift, and will be a daily reminder of who she is in the face of all that comes against her. Thank you Giving Keys for all you do and being a part of changing a girl in Nepal's life!! I hope soon I can order hundreds for my next trip.


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