I bought my first key with the word FEARLESS on it. After all, I was going through a very difficult professional transition and needed some reassurance.

I wore it with such confidence as I maneuvered the transition with ease. I attribute much of that success to my key and the constant reminder that I had it covered and could walk through each day FEARLESS. I did.

One night I was sitting on my couch with one of my best friends, Kate, just talking. We were gushing about our kids, talking about the men in our lives, discussing the challenges at work, the craziness of life, all of it.

I don't know exactly what she said, but I remember her being mid-sentence, and the compulsion to give her my key was absolutely overwhelming! I just got up from the couch, went over to where the necklace was and told her that I needed to give it to her right then and there. I knew she needed that key.

We both cried and cried, and she put it on and proceeded to wear it for the next six months as she quit her job, sold her house, got a new job, moved cities, and as a result, uprooted her two children from their current school and found new schools for them in their new town. Her mom asked her about the key one day, and she told her mom that she never would've been able to walk through all of that transition without that FEARLESS key around her neck. It had done its job twice!

Fast forward a few more months, and Kate's cousin was nearing completion of in-patient substance abuse treatment and was overwhelmed with what her transition would look like and if she had what it took to stay clean. Kate told me the compulsion to give the key away was so overwhelming. The same way I had felt when I gave it to her.

She wrote her cousin a letter about the origins of the key and then explained how Kate knew she would need this key and could wear this key as she walked step by step through this transition. She gave her the letter and key which helped her make that transition FEARLESSly.

- Kerri

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