Choosing to Stand With COURAGE

Choosing to Stand With COURAGE

Soon after the birth of my daughter several years ago, I bought 2 Giving Keys, both with the word COURAGE. It was something I needed in a tough time in my life as a new mom who was battling things I'd never expected.

I wore one for a couple of years and planned to give the other away. Last year, after a long and arduous road towards adoption, some dear friends of mine got news (much sooner than expected) that they were able to travel overseas and take custody of a little boy they'd been waiting on for a long time.

The joy of that news was coupled with intense personal health struggles. With each doctor's visit, her diagnosis only seemed to get more complicated. After being home with their little boy for a month or two, I went to a shower honoring them and their son. I knew it was time and went hunting for the 2 keys. I quickly found the one I'd never worn and knew the pair would be the perfect gift for this incredible couple who was choosing joy again and again through overwhelming uncertainty. However, I couldn't find the one I'd worn, so I gave them the one key with a note that I'd keep looking for the 2nd.

Fast forward 10 months, I had continued to keep an eye out, occasionally even searching every pocket of every purse I own trying to find that missing key. Well, I found it in a box of paperwork that it must have fallen into accidentally. I sat on the floor and cried when I found it - because my friend had posted a vulnerable and difficult update that very same day. I sent her and her husband the 2nd key, which felt almost silly to me in comparison to the scope of what they are going through.

This life offers us so many chances to give up, but I am so thankful that my friends are choosing joy, choosing love, choosing to stand with COURAGE in the face of trauma, illness & adversity. They don't deny the difficulty but face it head-on. They are leaving a legacy, and I am honored to be able to witness their incredible COURAGE.

Their story is far from over! 


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