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I Was READY For The Battle

Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Strangely, I was never afraid. I was READY for the battle, READY for the healing, and/or READY for God's plan, whatever he had in store for me. As my family helped me with my cancer diagnosis, my youngest daughter bought me a Giving Keys necklace with my word READY. I loved it!!!!

Fast forwarding to today: I visited my cousin, Jamie. He is 42 and suffering from terminal cancer. Hospice is helping the family cope and overseeing all comfort care for whatever little time he has. It was a beautiful visit that had lots of laughter, deep conversation, reminiscing and sharing of our faith and views, which ultimately lead to the question of his acceptance of what was imminent. I discussed my word READY and how I felt about my life. Jamie looked at me with so much peace in his eyes and said, "I am READY for whatever is to come". And at that moment, it was amazingly fitting and easy to share my beautiful necklace with Jamie. He was overwhelmed with the gift and the value of the word, and immediately placed it around his neck. I was blessed to have such a moment.


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