Finally Able To Let Go

My mother bought me a Giving Key shortly after I had to put my dog, also my best friend, of almost 12 years to sleep due to a degenerative neurological condition. I was desperate and inconsolable and, at the time, felt the Giving Key I received was appropriate. Although I wore it daily, I never felt ready to LET GO.

I am a social worker who works with runaway and homeless youth, and recognized that many of them could use the inspiration of the Giving Key, but I held onto it as I held on to my grief. Finally, a year after my dog's passing, I felt in my heart I was ready to adopt another dog to love. I began to wear my key less and, when I did, it was more as a fashion statement than for the purpose of the strength it had once given me.

Recently, I was lucky enough to go on my bucket list vacation spot to Prince Edward Island, Canada. This trip affected my mind, body, and soul and I was the happiest I had been in years. On one outing to the Singing Sands Beach, known for the natural phenomenon of the sand actually making a sound, I took my key off to swim. I had a feeling this was not a good idea, but did it anyways thinking I would remember to put it back on. As we walked down the beach back to the car, I was so enraptured with the beauty of the island that I totally forgot about my key. When I realized it, I was crushed and panicked, but knew I would never be able to find it.

Then, suddenly, a wave of calm came over me as I realized there was no better, more meaningful place I could have left it. I was finally able to LET GO of my fears, grief, and anxiety. I truly believe that, one day soon, someone will find my key in the sand, someone who needs it as much as I did.

I cannot think of a better way to have relinquished my key than to leave a piece of myself and soul on the island that gave me so much peace and tranquility. I know that the right person will find it in that singing sand just when they need it, much like I LET GO of it just when I needed to.

Thank you for my journey and all of your good work.


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