Finding Hope and Passing it on

My key was received from my best friend, Rosie, just after Christmas in 2015. My word was HOPE, this was given to me about a month after my fiancé was diagonosed with Osteosarcoma and for the simple reason - because I didn’t have it, I didn’t have HOPE. She told me the meaning behind the key and that I was to wear it until HOPE was found. I wore the key from that day, until Harry was given the all clear. However, the journey though the first months of remission were not easy.

Trying to adjust back to a ‘normal’ life before cancer has its struggles and I still seemed to find myself without HOPE. I would question Rose why I couldn’t pass the key on and she would reassure me and say ‘there’s no shame in keeping the key - you will know when the time is right’ That time came on the 9th November 2017 when Harry’s Mum - the legend that is Deb received the news too - she had cancer. Seeing the entire family in pain - it came to me, just like Rosie said - I knew I had found my HOPE, I knew Deb was going to be okay, for the simple reason - there was no other choice? and then I had it, finally found my HOPE.

Today, on the 18th November 2017, I made sure that my journey and HOPE would stay with me forever and decided to get the word tattooed across my ribs. In addition to this, after two years I gave my key to someone who needed it more - someone that was yet to find their HOPE. Deb now holds the key and I hope she will find the same strength through this next battle we face as a family. I know Deb will be okay - we all just need a little ‘HOPE’ thank you, The Giving Keys and thank you, Rosie.


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