Giving Back to Someone Who Inspires Others

I am a retired principal and went back to work observing teachers at a local high school. There was one teacher who I observed that really touched the lives of her students. She went above and beyond the expectations for a teacher. She convinced each of her students that they were important and could succeed. Her expectations for each child were clearly stated and known by each student. She was selected to be the speaker at their graduation, which was inspiring. This teacher gave and gave and gave. Then one day, her mother become ill and was placed in a rehab facility. Things progressed and it became time for her Mom to go to her heavenly home. Of course, this was very hard on the teacher. How could you comfort someone who was always inspiring her students to be achievers? I knew about The Giving Keys, so I ordered her one. Her word was Strength. I met her at a local coffee shop. I explained all about The Giving Keys and then I gave her the key. After tears from both of us, I realized that I couldn't have given her anything any better than the key. She put it on immediately and thanked me over and over. I was the one who was grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward to a teacher who gives so much to her students everyday. I'm sure that her mother is very proud of her daughter.