He Is The Strongest Person I've Ever Known

On August 20, 2016, my older brother, Mike, was struck by a careless driver while on his motorcycle. He was severely injured, actually dying twice on the scene and enroute to the hospital. He was in a coma for two weeks, and after waking up, he has had to learn to do everything we take for granted everyday all over again. He is doing so incredibly good! He is leaps and bounds ahead of where the doctors said he would be in this amount of time. He has never given up, and I have never lost faith that he would wake up and be okay. He has no quit in him. I had planned on giving him a giving key but when I saw the matte black collection I absolutely had to without a doubt. My brother's favorite band is The Black Keys. When he was in a coma we would play their music for him. I gave him the key chain with the word Strength. I know he has the strength to come back to driving and riding a bike again. And I want him to remember when he's down, having a hard time, or doubting himself that he's the strongest person I've ever known, and I love him very much.