Good Is Coming Your Way

I paid two keys forward in the same day. One being Let Go and the other being Inspire. I used the word Let Go to get rid of the negative things in my life that brought me down and to start building up the things that are important in life.

I gave this key to an old friend named Hannah. I went to elementary school with her and one day messaged her over social media to ask her how she was doing. What she told me broke my heart and later impacted me enough to give her Let Go. She is doing online school because she was bullied by her old friends so bad that she was forced to transfer out of school. She told me that she keeps trying to make ends meet with them but I simply told her that there's only so much that you can do until it's time to go your own way.

I mailed her the key with a little letter saying to wear Let Go around your neck so that you can understand who you are, so that you can Let Go of the past, and so you can start being prepared for the good that is coming your way!