To Inspire

I haven't been able to share my giving keys story on here until now, but since I have a little but if free time I thought I'd share it. About a year ago I received a key that said the word "Inspire" on it from a good friend named Britt. I used that word to help rebuild my life and to start inspiring people on my own until a couple weeks ago when I felt so moved that there was someone else in my life that needed it more than me.

That person was my aunt.

Her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer a couple years ago and is now dealing with a lot of the side effects from the treatment that he received while he was sick. He is unable to eat most things and my aunt has always been strong about getting him the help that he needs. I chose to give this key and this word to her to serve as a reminder that she's not alone and that even when life gets tough, it's still important to inspire and be an inspiration for those that we can whenever we can!

I told her that the Giving Keys is so much more than a necklace that you wear on your neck, they're reminders, life-changers, and life savers. While I wore inspire, it was a great reminder that not matter how tough my day was, being an inspiration for someone else is so important!