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Got Love

The key was first given to one of my closest friends Jessie. She had the key for a little over a year before she gave it to me. Jessie is truly my soul sister and she passed the key to me so that I will never forget that.

Once I had the key, I kept it for a little under a year. Every time I put it on, I would remember that no matter how far apart Jessie and I live, our love and friendship was just as strong. Passing the key was kind of hard for me because I had such an emotional attachment to it. 

I then passed the key to a dear friend of mine, Maddie. There are a couple of reasons why I gave her this key. One, she is going off to college and I want her to remember she will always have a loving home. Really, the main reason I gave her the key was to remind her to love herself more. Maddie gives everything she has to others and I really just want her to save some love for herself. The challenge I gave her was I don't want her to pass the key along until she can come home and say that she has "got love" for herself. 


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