Tangible Reminder

I was in the DMV waiting to renew my tags, and when I was called to the window, the nice young lady helping me said hello and right away complimented my Giving Key necklace, and asked what it said. I told her, Jesus! And something about saying his name opened up her heart and she started sharing with me how a couple years ago she was battling breast cancer. A friend had brought her to church and she found the Lord, and through the surgery and initial months of recovery especially she experienced God's grace. It was the little things, she said, like getting out of bed. And each day she would challenge herself to walk to the bathroom; then next day to the kitchen; next outside to get the mail. Every morning she got up Jesus would be there to give her strength to face whatever came her way.

I shared how Jesus had found his way into my heart and how He changes my life everyday. I told her that The Giving Keys was a 'pay it forward' company, and when encountered by someone who we see needs more than just a kind word, we ought to share with them a tangible reminder of our compassion to their story.

We sat and talked for about 20 minutes (in a crowded DMV mind you), and as tears rolled down her cheek from telling of her struggles, and how Jesus continues to be faithful, I felt compelled to give her my necklace. I said "Jesus is our strength, and his love will never let us go!" She was overwhelmed, I think more so from sharing her testimony, but I could see a refreshed glow on her face when we said goodbye.

Her story touched me so much, and helped to strengthen my faith as well. As I was walking out I saw her passing out hugs to her fellow co-workers. God is everywhere! Yes, even in the DMV.


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