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Having Faith and Letting Go

My dear friend Elisa, part of a group of 5 girls called the DIVAS, gave me a Giving Key following a difficult time in my life earlier this year. The long-chained key had the word FAITH on it. By way of background, the group formed years ago, a group of 5 single women with a common love of Jesus Christ, who meet, drink wine, eat good food, love heels and laughter and pray with and for each, along this journey called life. I sadly had two miscarriages and in the midst of trying to understand the why's and battle the tears, she gave me this key.

For me it was a daily reminder that God holds me in the palm of his hand and knows every tear cried. She knew that this simple word, FAITH, would help me remember who brought us into the world and who let his son die for our salvation. This simple word helped me remember to be strong, and also know I have dear friends who travel this journey of ups and downs with me.

Last month, I gave the key to another dear friend also experiencing issues with becoming pregnant - it felt SO lovely, perhaps even better to pass it on. I hope the key helps her on her path as she climbs above the pain and unanswered questions that I did.

I purchased a key for myself this week with the word LET GO....chosen to help me let go of the tight reign I sometimes have on life - we cant control everything and the more we try, the further away it seems to be. I look forward to passing this on again. Sometimes it about relaxing and LETTING Go....


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