He Has Not Given Us a Spirit of Fear

I heard about The Giving Keys for the first time exactly one week ago, from a girl who shared her story about it on Youtube. I never heard of this movement until then and I thought wow thats really awesome!! You buy a necklace with a word of encouragement on it, and as you go through your daily life if know someone or meet someone or even see someone who you think or believe needs some encouragement, you pass on the necklace. I thought to myself that's so cool, maybe I'll look into getting one soon.

God certainly wanted me to have one. I was shopping at Marshalls getting ready to check out, and I saw this stand of jewelry and this key neckless with the word FEARLESS engraved on it. It caught my attention so quick. When I saw the word, I was like, "I've been hearing this word a lot as of recent, that's so weird." I picked up the necklace and saw the description on the box and right then and there everything clicked. "I've seen this before, I've heard about this." It was the only Giving Key necklace there - Talk about fate! 

That's how I know God wanted me to hear about that and find that key, without me even looking for it. So that I could wear and hold on to it until I meet someone who needs it so much more than I do. I love this word because in life there are so many things that cause us to fear but God says that he has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind (2 Tim1:7). I choose to live by God's word, so I will embrace this word "FEARLESS" and hope to bring light of this to someone who is out there and is afraid.


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