He Is A Good Shepherd

I'd had my key for about a year and was itching to give it away to someone who needed my word--Bleat. 

Last year I was at a conference and during a session the speaker referenced Matthew 10:26 in the Bible. He talked about how as sheep we have no defense against the wolves and the difficulties and trials of life on our own. But we have a good shepherd, Jesus, and all we have to do is bleat out for Him, and he takes care of the wolves and protects us. We can trust Him and His faithfulness because he is a good shepherd who takes care of his own.

Over the last year I watched my younger sister struggle with unknown health issues, only to come to a diagnosis that isn't what any 21-year-old wants to hear, or would expect: chronic gastritis and gastroparesis. Her life is forever changed by severe dietary restrictions. She had shared with me multiple times the hopelessness she felt even in having a diagnosis. Frustration and anger--she's supposed to be planning her wedding, not making trips across the state for hospital visits and tests. 

For Christmas I gave her this Giving Key necklace to always remind her to bleat out when she is weak. We all need help. We don't always have what we need to defeat the depression, the anger, the whys, the wolves. But we can always bleat out to Jesus, and He will always take care of His sheep.


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