Heart Of Gold

I believe a person can have more than one HERO in their life. I've been lucky to have two: my mother and John Stamos. This story is about John.

I've met John twice now and he is really a kind, down to earth guy who cares a lot about others. He is a Make-A-Wish and a Give Kids The World Ambassador.

When I was a little girl, I had cancer. I battled Leukemia for 3 years. John Stamos was the person who took me out of that terrible time through his acting and his music.

At a taping of an episode of Fuller House, I met him for the second time and I gave him a letter explaining the key. I got a gold key with the word HERO engraved. He smiled and thanked me for it. As he was walking away, he read the box, saw 'The Giving Keys,' and held it up in the air proudly!

I am so happy I finally got to tell him how special he is and give him his gift! He truly has a heart of gold!