Her Faith Has Endured

My sorority sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has two amazing children ages 12 and 8. For a time, she was going through chemotherapy and other things to stop the progression. Her body took a terrible toll as a result of the chemo: severe skin burns, weight gain, hair loss, some loss of mobility. 

During it all, she still took care of her house and kids and was able to retire from the United States Army as a sergeant major. 

Her struggle has had its ups, such as when her cancer went into remission. It has also had its downs, such as when the cancer returned and has been found in her liver and other organs. Several surgeries have left her with permanent damage to her spine and knees.

Throughout this entire ordeal, her faith in God has not diminished. There are other personal disappointments that she has suffered that I can't mention, but her FAITH has endured. She has come to a place of peace. She is enjoying her life to the fullest with her children. She treats everyday that she is given as if it is her last. When I am hanging out with her, her spirit makes me really take stock in life and how I live it. Her FAITH gives me a continued new outlook on life. Thank you.