Inspired By Her

I received the INSPIRE key from my oldest sister many years ago. I actually forgot about it over time and, when I recently moved, I found it again!

I feel like this key could have easily gone both ways coming from her. As my oldest sister and the person in my family that I can most relate to, she has always been an inspiration to me. She has accomplished so much and has such a positive impact on so many people, it would be hard not to be inspired by her!

Receiving this key has also inspired me in other aspects of life. Since I received the key, I've gotten married and recently bought a fixer-upper home on the lake that my husband and I are remodeling together. I've become more active volunteering for my favorite charities and I'm helping to pass the message of inspiration along to others!

It's funny how, when you think about such a simple word and the things you have done, all of a sudden that word has so much more meaning and thought behind it.