Hold Fast To Hope

My name is Erin. His name is William. We are in a long distance relationship and our love spans from California to Maryland. 

Through the months of us getting to know each other and nurturing our relationship, William would send me small gifts in the mail. He said they were little things for me to hold onto when I missed him. Being so far away from each other, it's easy to slip into a negative mindset. I found myself crying to him at night on the phone, begging him to be closer. Wishing the distance didn't exist. Praying that time would fly by and somehow we would be together. 

Well one day, I received another package, and I facetimed him so I could open it up while he was with me. As I pulled on the chain, it revealed a key with the word "hope" on it. The note that came with it read "Hold fast to Hope, sweetheart. Hope for the future. Hope for our future. All anyone really has is hope. I'm so thankful that I have you to hold onto instead."

So even though 3,000 miles separate us, we hold onto hope that one day the gap will be closed. Through love, faith, and trust, our relationship has grown into something more beautiful than I had ever imagined for myself. And when I wear my necklace, I remember that one day I'll be in his arms again. Hope for the future. Hope for love.
In the picture attached is the necklace my darling sent to me. The other picture was taken at the beginning of this month, when I finally got to visit him for a short week. Around his neck, you'll see his key that he wears; Love.


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