Simple Beliefs

My story is simple.  

I am a huge advocate of paying it forward, what goes around, comes around, and the fact that I'm not going to die rich, but I'm going to die happy; therefore I have raised my two kids/young adults now, into believing and encouraging this as well. I have tried to live by these simple beliefs. Whether it be providing lunch for that kid, buying the boy with foot problems 'used' shoes, providing rides to ANYBODY, privately finding a bra for that blossoming girl that doesn't have a proper one, stitching up the torn clothing, taking that dirty hoodie home to wash, or listening when nobody else will. I'm just a simple, old fashioned mom.

For Christmas my 24 year old daughter gave me the 'love' key. I loved it, I loved the idea, but I couldn't possibly imaging who I would give it to. First, for the reason that because my daughter gave it to me, it is very special. For the past three years I have been working with a team of two wonderful ladies Kim and Ang., who put up with my craziness, and whom have similar virtues. We have been quite the team being huge advocates of paying it forward. We found out this June that our team will be split up, and young Ang will move to a new place of employment, still with youth, but a permanent position, which will be wonderful for her as she is a new mom, and blossoming into an amazing young lady, who I care so much about. We went for our farewell lunch today, I was wearing my 'giving key'. I had been thinking about an appropriate farewell gift for her.

After our lunch today, we were in the washroom, let's be honest, lots of deep and honest conversations take place here, and I told her I was giving her the necklace. I gave it to her, we cried, we hugged, and I told her I loved her, and I was so proud of her. She just cried, and then she went off to meet her new employer. I texted my daughter, shared with her, and she responded that well. She's going to have to get me another necklace. It was a good day!