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June 23, 2016

Nothing But Love

I recently purchased a giving key for my best friend. It is her 20th birthday coming up, and I couldn't think of anything better and more meaningful to give her. Especially for someone so wonderful. The only thing I struggled with was which key to get for her. 

Over the past year, I have struggled with severe anxiety and began spiralling into depression. She was there to listen when I finally hit rock bottom and knew I needed help. I couldn't work, was failing school despite always having been a straight A student, and my relationships were taking a huge hit. But not my relationship with her. She stood by me through my worst times and moods. I remember we sat up in her bedroom one night and she listened to me cry and cry until everything came out. She urged me to get help.

After this conversation she called me every day for a week until I made that doctor's appointment. It changed my life. After I did this, my life got on track, and I began to succeed again. She was my rock as I went through counselling. She showed me nothing but love. 



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  • I received the “courage” key 3 years ago when I lost my son unexpectedly. It was given by a young woman who was dealing with some young adult issues that involved courage to be true to herself. She gave me the key and I saved it until I found the right person. A friend has been recently diagnosed with cancer and I am passing along as a word to focus on! Just like grief your journey is still personal and takes lots of courage. You may find comfort from family and friends but having the courage to move forward, accept help is how we get to the other side.

    Regina on

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