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Hope For Being The Light

My daughter called me one day and asked what the one word would be that would describe my vision for my life and the future. I told her it would be "HOPE". My husband and I had just come out of some very difficult years and the one thing that adversity could not take from me was hope. You see, I have Jesus Christ in my heart and life, every single minute of every day, and therefore I will ALWAYS have hope. Hope for the ability to get through anything life sends my way, hope of where I will spend eternity, hope for those who have none, hope for being the light in someone elses life. I got the key necklace for Christmas that year and wore if often.  

A very good friend of mine was helping her daughter prepare for a two year commitment with the Peace Corps in Armenia. Before she left I knew I wanted to give her a gift that had meaning and was personal to me. I passed on my necklace to her, telling her that I would pray for her and wanted her to always have hope in her heart and in her life. I prayed over the necklace and the wearer of it, and I continue to pray for her. If she has struggles, disappointments, sadness or loneliness, I want her to remember that there is always HOPE. I told her to pass it on when she finds an individual who needs hope and reassurance.

I will continue to pray for the wearer of that necklace and that whomever wears it finds the hope of Jesus.


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