Hope For Brighter Days

When I ended my previous relationship and made the choice to start my life over close to home and away from the toxic environment I was drowning in, I purchased the Breathe key for myself. I desperately needed a reminder that I made the best choice for me. My key gave me courage to get through my days, and to know that everything was going to work out.

Fast forward almost a year and a half later, and one of my close friends, Susan, from my previous life opens up to me about her relationship and how rocky things have been. In that moment, I knew she needed my key. I knew because what she was confiding in me, where words I couldn't find to tell anyone almost two years previously. I knew her pain, I knew her confusion, I knew her heartbreak- and I needed her to know that it is going to be okay.

I sent her my key with a note, and when she received it, she sent me four text messages and called me crying. It was exactly what she needed, and I am so thankful to have provided her with a way to start healing. The Giving Keys are daily reminders to breathe, dream, love, and hope for brighter days. I feel honored to have given Susan my key and to pay it forward. 


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