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The Ability To Inspire People Daily

I ordered a key a couple of years ago, I was simply inspired by watching the TED talk and understanding the pay it forward concept. At this time I was changing jobs and returning to my 'roots' of being a leader and so I ordered the Inspire key to remind me what I was capable of and to take care of my people. 

At first I kept thinking about who I'd pay it forward to and when, and then I realized that when the time was right and I found the 'lock' I'd know - which was exactly what happened.

I worked with my friend Rebekah for a while. She is such a passionate lady with a huge heart but sometimes life just gets in the way and deals you a challenging hand which she has had over the past year.

She lost a special lady in her life and also deals with the thought of loosing another at anytime, she doubts and questions her abilities when all I see is a vibrant lady who supports everyone around her. I gifted my key to remind her that no matter what happens she has the ability to inspire people daily as that's who she is and also to let her know that her courage and big heart inspire me everyday!


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