How Strong She Makes Me

My best friend, Grace, was recently diagnosed with cancer. We are both 15 years old. We have only been best friends for two years, but I have gotten closer to her in these past 2 years than I have with anyone else in my entire 15 years of living (besides my family). Grace is my other half. She pushes me forward and wipes my tears when I cry.

My dad was let go from his company and found a new job in another state. So I moved away from her 7 months ago. Before I left, she gave me this Giving Key with the word STRENGTH on it. She told me that she chose this word because I make her strong, but I don't think she knows how strong she makes me.

As I was sitting in my room 500 miles away from her, she was in surgery for her tumor. I was on the floor crying when I thought, "She needs it. Give her your STRENGTH." So I packed up my key and shipped it off to her.

If I can't be there physically with her, I am going to make sure at least a small part of me can.