Key To My Future

Back in 1985 my sister gave to me for my graduation from high school a key on a necklace. It was a small replica of an old fashion key and the story behind it was that “this was the key to the door of my future.”

I went on to be the first nurse in our family, which was a dream I had believed in since I was a small child.

A few years after that I lost my key, and it was very heartbreaking for me. I was going through some marital issues and really felt it was connected, as though by losing my key I had figuratively lost my planned future. When I signed my divorce papers, she gave me a new key for a “new future.” Life was back in order.

When my daughter graduated from high school, my sister decided to carry on the tradition and she gave her a key with the same message. I was so excited for her. She is so proud of her key. She wears it most of the time to this day. The key had become an important part of our family story.

Lindsay has now completed her degree in Women and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. I have purchased a giving key with the word BELIEVE on it. Lindsay’s plans are to get a job that supports those that are struggling in life, be it youth, women, homeless or whom ever she can help on their journey in life. Lindsay is finding it difficult in our current economic time to find that job. My belief is that this key with the word BELIEVE will come to represent her journey in life, and I know that she will wear it with pride knowing that your company employ’s those transitioning out of homelessness.