How To Conquer

Today, I gifted my dear friend, Andretta, the "INSPIRE" key. I met her roughly about 3 1/2 years ago and little did I know she would become a role model, mother, friend, sister, teacher, life coach and so on. In my opinion, Andretta inspires me to be better everyday and is my constant reminder to never lose faith. This applies to life, exercise, work, love, family and friends. Whatever the issue is, she's got me!! There's not enough words to describe how amazing of a person she is. 

Because she's amazing and inspires me in so many ways, I am gifting this key to her because she's a role model to many woman out there. She's a writer and blogger about weight loss and I truly support her movement. She does not fear challenges but embraces new lessons on how to conquer them. This is just a small token and reminder from me, someone who loves and aspire to be a great like her. She's an inspiration to me and many others.