I Am Strong

I found out I was pregnant fall semester of my junior year of college. My family was embarrassed, my friends didn't know how to react, and I was terrified. I had plans of traveling abroad and finding work in a big city. This surprise gripped me with uncertainty and fear.

I chose to keep the baby, despite others opinions and figured out a plan. That December, one of my dearest girlfriends gave me the key that said "Strength". I continued in school, while working full time, and held that key in-between my fingers every morning. Sometimes you have to remind yourself who you are, and thats what this key did. I am strong.

This December I am graduating from Clemson University and loving my new life with my beautiful baby girl. I couldn't be more grateful for the encouragement and affirmation that the key resembled every day.

I am passing the key to my sister today, on her 19th birthday. She was diagnosed with a chronic disorder called EDS. She needs the STRENGTH more than me today and I hope it can hold her up as it did for me.