Joy And Light

My favorite professor of my Counseling Psychology masters course was also an amazing marriage and family therapist in our small town. She provided therapy and care for one of my dear friends while her father battled cancer and eventually joined the Lord.

5 months after my friend's father passed away from cancer, this amazing lady/professor/therapist was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Throughout her treatment, she was a joy and light, continuing to encourage and speak love, hope, and truth into those around her as her body was under attack. My friend (the one who had her as her therapist 5 months ago for her father's death) got a HOPE key as did many other people in our community to raise money for this dear woman. Within 8 weeks of being diagnosed, this amazing woman passed away.

Fast forward 1.5 years when I graduated with my masters in counseling psychology to become a marriage and family therapist myself. Before I relocated to begin this emotionally weighty career, my friend gave me her HOPE key, stating that she knows that I will help instill hope in the clients that I interact with, just like our dear friend/professor/mentor who passed away.