In The Arms Of God

I was given the key of INSPIRE from my brother Mark. I was touched by the giving of the key. He told me that I was an inspiration to him. I wasn't sure when God would put someone in my life that I could pass this key onto and then came the story of Nitza.

I found out that she had breast cancer. My heart just sank. I told her we were praying for her and I would love to help her out by driving her to her treatments. Each trip that I made with her, she was always a delight. She knew she was in the arms of God and He would get her through this ordeal. She always talked with others that were involved in their treatments and encouraged them. I kept waiting for her to get down and discouraged and I would be there to INSPIRE her but the fact of the matter is... she never did. I would ask how she was doing and she would say,"I'm doing good!" She always asked me how I was doing. I thought to myself "how can you even think about someone else in your situation?" She knew God was giving her the strength that she needed to get through this journey.

Throughout her treatments, we grew to know and love one another even more. Her treatments were monthly. She never wavered. Her hair started falling out so she had her husband shave it all off. He shaved his head too and they named themselves "The Bald Halls". Her autistic son thought she was cute with her head shaved and when it started growing back, he wanted her to shave it again. She didn't... needless to say. She had to have a mastectomy after her treatments. Her spirit, charisma, and overall attitude never grew weak. She wore a beautiful smile everyday I saw her. She never gave up or got discouraged. I often thought what an INSPIRATION she was to me.

Wow! What a lady. What a friend. What an example. She was Inspiring me. So I passed the INSPIRE key onto her and told her, "this key will be a constant reminder of how inspirational you are to the people all around you." 

Today Nitza is cancer FREE!