It Will Get Better

I bought a key for each woman in my family two years ago for Christmas. Since then one has jumped hands four times, and didn't even stay with my sister long. STRENGTH.

As for mine, I have cherished it as does my daughter when I am not looking. BREATHE is a constant reminder to me to just keep taking a breath, no matter how challenging life gets, no matter what I am faced with, no matter how overwhelmed or defeated I feel. If you just keep breathing it will get better.

I lost my mother unexpectedly nine months ago, and I clung to my key endlessly just remember to take the next breathe, as I mourned the loss of my best friend, my children's definition of selfless love.

I am not ready to give up my key yet, but a dear friend has lost her mother quite quickly, so I feel I must. I have passed along my key, BREATHE, to a friend who now needs to remember to take the next breathe with hope and positivity as each day will challenge that objective.