Janelle x The Giving Keys #Inspire

Janelle x The Giving Keys #Inspire

I have

Gifted a Giving Key

With the word


My Story 

"I was young and dumb, suffering from past traumas. Incredibly lost and broken, scrolling the internet before Facebook land, into MySpace time. I came across them. This phenomenal being that captured me so completely. I couldn't breath. Frozen into their smile, their eyes, their voice. How they were passionate, empathetic, ambitious and creative, I was done. This was them, but it would take another 16 years for me to grow up, to learn my life lessons, and to be deserving of this captivating being. But, during all this time I never forgot them, always wondering how they were doing, what they were doing.

Periodically creeping their pictures, wishing and hoping the day would come. They kept a piece of me, of my heart, of my thoughts, of my passion. As they said to me 'When I'm on top of a mountain I think of you. It's strange, because I think of you often. You're always with me.' They have continuously inspired me, to write, to be genuine, to take chances, to be creative, loving and caring. I had only hoped I could do the same for them. Whether feelings were or would ever be mutual I have loved them through all of this time and I will continue to love as time passes, for this person has giving me so much more than I can truly recount. A connection that holds deep roots within myself, and gives me a sense of hope and a sense of peace." To Mo, thank you for being you, for following your passions, your dreams and desires.

Thank you for inspiring me all of these years, for often being a light in a dark place. This is why I chose to give my necklace, for I have wished to give you inspiration during hard times, to pull through and continue to work towards your dreams and happiness. It is the least I can do given how much you've unknowingly showed up for me.

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