Just A Silly Love Story

Now, I know this story won’t be like the others on here. There are no illnesses or losses, just a silly love story that would need infinite characters to tell. But, I’m only allowed 2000.

Years ago my dad bought me a Giving Key for Christmas. It had the word “BELIEVE” engraved into the old key. Being into the whole vintage-retro theme, I fell in love with the key. Now, with the key came a note. A note telling me that when I meet someone who teaches me to believe in something, I need to pass it on to that person and share my story.

Years later, little did I know that he would have stolen my heart and my key would be around his neck. When I was cheated on by my last boyfriend, I vowed to myself that no man would ever love me and I lost all faith in love itself. And then a month later, one of my closest friends of three years brought me back to life. He showed me what it is like to be able to enjoy myself again, what it’s like to be happy, and what it’s like to finally believe in love again.

I know we’ve had a tough time but I love you, Jagar Chays. Always have and always will. Thank you for helping me not only believe that I could love and that someone could love me, but also for teaching me how to love myself.