Keep Dreaming

My name is Cynthia, and I am going to tell you a story about myself. When I graduated from high school, I started working at a farm where my parents still work today in order to save up money to pay for my college. It wasn't easy but I managed to save up and pay for my tuition. Now I'm working at a retirement community located in Ellicott City in Maryland. This year has been very hard for me because my husband had a car accident, and we haven't been stable economically. I want to start going back to school again so I can get my bachelor's degree in the field of health management, so I've been working hard in order to save up money. During this time I met some very nice people at work, and they have been helping me through all my tough events. One these nice people is a woman named Becky. She is like an angel that came down from heaven – she gave the key of dreams, and she told me to keep dreaming and believing in myself. Thanks Becky!!! You're the best!!!!!!