Key to Believe

I found The Giving Keys in one of my lowest of moments life has handed me. My husband, the father of our two sons, had walked out of our lives. He had his reasons; however, the three of us he left behind struggled to make sense, struggled to understand why. It was a long road and without the unwavering support of my best friends and mom, I would have truly sunk. So, I found The Giving Keys and fell in love.

I was trying find a gift for my 2 best friends and mom who had supported and been my lighthouses during the darkest time of my life. I thought of my words for them, GRATEFUL, and for my mom, HOPE. I gave them gifts as a thank you as a symbol of what they were in my life.

I saw the word BELIEVE and I knew I needed that. I needed a key, to my new life, my new start, my new home. So I bought BELIEVE for myself and my boys. We BELIEVED that this key was our key to our new life and new house and new town, and we hung it in my car to remind ourselves that if we BELIEVE, if we just BELIEVE, it would all work out for the best. That where we were wasn't our end, it was simply the beginning of something new.

As a single mother, raising two boys, and enduring a continually abusive relationship, belief was all I had to give my sons; that reminder of all I needed to work and fight for and live for was the belief that I was going to make a new start and it would be better. I did it. We did it, we have a new home, a new town, and a new life. My boys are good hearted boys who are growing and thriving and turning into fine, young men. We BELIEVED and we achieved.

Now, my friend is faced with a alarmingly similar task and she has grown the courage and strength she needs to escape abuse for herself and her daughter. From her fiery times, she is finding her strength and she now needs to BELIEVE that she, too, can and will rise from the ashes, so I passed along the key that holds their strength, their future, their key to BELIVE.


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