Learn To Breathe

My daughter gave me a bracelet with the word Breathe for Mother's Day a year ago because I literally never stop. I am constantly trying to please everyone, and it has taken a toll on me. Over this past year, I have prayed for peace and read a book called "The Best Yes." I finally accepted that, for my sanity and to be present in the lives of my family, I would have to slow down and learn to breathe. About a month ago, I realized that, after wearing the bracelet every single day, I finally felt relaxed and that my life was more enjoyable.

Then one day, I walked in to a boutique in a neighboring town and the woman's daughter was minding the store while her mother was out. This young woman was in her early forties and had an easy smile. We quickly started swapping stories and laughing, and she spotted my unique bracelet. She asked me about it and I started telling the story of my Giving Key.

She began to cry and asked where she could get one. She was in nursing school, had some heart issues, and was married but had not been able to have children. She longed to have a family of her own.

I listened and knew without a doubt that God had impressed on me a desire to help this woman. I took off my bracelet and insisted that she wear it daily and pray about her need to breathe. I committed to pray for her and check in on her. My prayer is that she will learn to take life one day at a time, slow down and enjoy the journey, and that she will learn to breathe!