Courage Was Now Her Word

I ordered a necklace about a year ago for my friend who was traveling overseas on her own. Somehow two keys ended up at my door, one two days after the first. A mistake or a divine encounter, I'll let you decide.

I began to carry this word on my neck for the next 8 months through one of the most trying seasons of my life so far. Living in heavy fear and stress, the word Courage brought me hope to believe in the freedom and peace God really had for me. Holding that word in the palm of my hand and believing it for myself gave me strength and faith when I felt like I had none left. Eight months later was a breakthrough and the cloud of heaviness that once hung over me was gone. The word had done it's job. My heart knew freedom and had fully tasted the Father's goodness.

I continued to wear the necklace for weeks because I liked it, when one Sunday a woman sitting behind me in church shared she had lost her baby at term. We began to pray as a church and comfort her in her immeasurable pain. Courage was now her word and it belonged around her neck.

I took off my necklace and hung it around hers. I shared my story of how this had brought me comfort through some of my darkest days and nights, and that the truth of this word had given me hope of the goodness God had for me even though I couldn't see it or know it for myself. She now has this word. I hope one day to hear her story of breakthrough too.