Living Daily On Hope

My first Giving Key was given to me by someone VERY special. A woman who has been an incredible source of love, grace, support, and guidance in my life. It said “STRENGTH” on it, and there is a WHOLE other story about how they key was given, but bottom line is that I have treasured it over the past several years. It has seen me through a journey that I have been on. See, my husband and I have spent the past several years battling with pregnancy loss and infertility. When you want something so desperately and it continually slips through your fingers, it can be hard to stay positive, to stay strong. That key stood as a reminder to remain strong in my faith and in my belief that God had a good and perfect plan for us. I wore it often, especially on days I didn’t have very much strength.

In April, my 5 month old nephew was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. 3 weeks later, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions! But something told me that THIS pregnancy was going to be "the one" and so I immediately took my Strength key and I gave it to my sister in law. She would need strength to see her son through this battle. She now wears this key at every chemo treatment, and whenever my nephew is in the hospital.

3 months later, I got a surprise package in the mail from another woman in my life who has been a tremendous gift and source of support. When I saw it was a Giving Key, even before I knew what it said, I was so excited. Though I hadn't admitted it to anyone, I was so missing my Strength key! Upon opening the package, I found the word “HOPE” on my key which was just more perfect than I can explain. This is definitely a season of hope for us, hope in this new life that my husband and I will be welcoming to our family and hope for my nephew as he fights to conquer his cancer.
We are living daily on hope!

Oh, and the woman who gifted me with hope (who by the way didn't know I was pregnant) her birthday is my baby's due date!


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